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Do Justice to the facts
Select any sentence in your Word doc, and our Add Fact Cite Button instantly finds the best evidence you have to support your argument.

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Win Big With a Small Team
Opposing counsel has an army of associates to scour the record. Beat them all with our “Add Fact Cite” button.
David beats Goliath by leveraging our AI tools that allow you to select a text fragment in a draft and receive a list of references to that fact from anywhere in a sea of discovery. Go way beyond a simple keyword search to find the critical details that strengthen your case as you’re writing in Word.
Spot where your opponent is lying about the facts or the law.
Run your opponent’s filings through Clearbrief in Word to highlight in red where your opponent is lying about what the evidence says. Clearbrief will automatically pull up the factual or legal source they cited, score it, and suggest other places in the facts that relate to their sentence.
Seeing is believing. Win more by showing your evidence to the reader.
You carefully crafted your arguments in your brief or demand letter and found the evidence to bolster each point. Now you can spoon-feed it to the judge or opposing counsel with a few clicks. Simply drag the pdfs of your exhibits or the record into our Word Add-In, and Clearbrief automatically displays them when you click on the cite.

Oh, and we also automatically find and display any cites to caselaw, statutes, and regs, and generate a shareable web-based version of your Word doc.
Earn More, Stress Less
More efficient drafting means more money in your pocket.
On average, our customers save 7 non-billable hours a week by using Clearbrief, which translates to over $91,000 per year that can be back in your pocket when you use those hours for billable tasks.
Catch your embarrassing mistakes before opposing counsel or your senior partner does.
Clearbrief’s AI automatically pulls up every factual and legal source you cite to in your draft, side by side with your writing, and highlights mistakes in what you said vs. what your source says.
Our automated Table of Authorities and hyperlink builder saves you hours of tedium (and years of therapy).
Stop scrambling right before the due date. Our superior Instant TOA tool (no tagging cases as you write in Word) means you can edit up until the filing deadline, and take everyone’s least favorite task off your plate in seconds. Oh, and your judge wants a hyperlinked brief? Do it yourself in seconds right from Word.
Build Trust
With Clear Sources
Judges are judgy. Earn a reputation for accuracy.
Judges across the country confess that when they read a brief with citation errors, they’ll toss it aside and turn to opposing counsel’s instead. And conversely, seeing clean and clear citations inspire confidence in that attorney’s arguments.
Put your best brief forward.
You know what your clients love? Viewing the work product you charged them for, perfectly prepared and completely interactive.

With the click of a button in our Word Add-In, you can send a web-based, interactive version of your demand letters, pleadings, and deposition prep documents so clients remember exactly why they hired you, and referring attorneys remember why you’re their first call.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Clearbrief is trusted by hundreds of law firms throughout the country, as well as numerous government agencies and court systems.
Want to try it out on your latest filing? Sign up to activate your free trial, or request a live demo.
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The best Table of Authorities tool on the market.
With a click of a button, our patent-pending AI identifies even fragments of a citation to build your TOA in seconds.
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Clear briefs, clear communication, and clear sources.
With Clearbrief, everyone wins.
More access. More Justice.
The law is supposed to be public. When courts issue their opinions using Clearbrief, the public can better understand their decisions. Check out a recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion that was given the Clearbrief treatment.
Courts that use Clearbrief to review briefs and write opinions can more efficiently handle their dockets with greater insight into the record.
Attorney General’s Offices and government agencies love Clearbrief because it helps them handle their massive caseloads.
We are SOC 2 Certified and we’ve passed the toughest security assessments in the industry.