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Break records by owning the Record
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Clearbrief automatically pulls up every factual and legal source you cite to in your draft, side by side with your writing, and points out mistakes in what you said vs. what your source says.

Win More Cases

Know the record inside and out.

Show the judge why you win. The only tool that instantly finds and links to the best record documents to support each sentence in the brief, while you write.

Root out lazy opposing counsel.

Clearbrief flags where your opponent is misrepresenting the record or the case law in their brief.

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Bill more.
Work less.

Record-breaking profits.

Clearbrief saves you, on average, 7 non-billable hours a week, which the data indicates translates to over $91,000 you can put back into your pocket.*

Stop the scramble and enjoy your craft.

Instant TOA means you can edit up until the filing deadline, because you can DIY your own document cleanup. And our tools help you nail your deposition outline in a fraction of the time, with the ability to instantly pull up the most relevant docs.

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Build Your Reputation

Showcase your superior work.

Give your two most important readers–your clients and the judges–a simple and interactive way to read your filings, and see firsthand how the evidence supports your arguments. Engaged clients are more likely to make a referral and help you grow your business.

Judges are judgy.
Help them trust your writing.

Judges across the country report that errors in citations cause them to put down your brief and read opposing counsel’s, while accurate citations inspire trust.

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‘Having Clearbrief is like having a second brain, second set of eyes, and paralegal all rolled into one. The checks and balances provided by suggestions for top citations to the record alone are invaluable. And as any attorney scrambling to file an appellate brief before a deadline knows, having confidence in your Table of Contents and Authorities frees you up to focus on the substance of your brief. I'd highly recommend Clearbrief for your toolkit.’
Evangeline Stratton | Senior Managing Attorney, Washington

How It Works

Clearbrief is designed to fit smoothly into your current writing process, so there’s no need to learn any complicated new tools.

When you’re done with your draft, Clearbrief finds the best source of factual evidence to support each sentence in your brief, right there in Word.

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We fix every formatting error like a trusted paralegal without giving you decision fatigue, and help you quickly build a Table of Authorities.

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And when you’re ready to file, Clearbrief hyperlinks the source for every citation to the facts and the law. Our tools publish your final brief in our secure cloud so that your judge and your clients can read your brief alongside each citation source, for maximum readability that gives you instant bonus points.

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Upload your opponent’s brief to Word to systematically review all the inconsistencies Clearbrief identifies in your opponent’s factual and legal arguments. Plus easily review every case, statute, and document they cite.

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Industry Leading Security

As a team led by attorneys and data science experts accustomed to handling sensitive data, we understand that security is absolutely critical for law firms, their clients, and courts. We use industry best practices to secure the data you provide throughout your entire experience with Clearbrief.

Judges & Your Clients

Want Clear Briefs, Clear Communication, & Clear Sources.
The majority of consumers (69%) prefer working with a lawyer who can share documents electronically through a web page, app, or online portal.89% of legal professionals believe court systems can be improved with better access to technology.95% of legal professionals believe that courts should use electronic case management systems to organize and file case-related documents.88% of legal professionals believe that the public should be allowed to access court files electronically through an online portal.
*Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report

Get to Know the People
Behind Clearbrief.

* Clearbrief data indicates attorneys spend approximately 8 hours per pleading reviewing citations, finding record documents to support arguments, and cleaning up the draft for filing. Legal staff often spend way more time on a subset of these tasks (if the attorney has staff to help). And firms of all sizes report that they consistently write off most of these hours from the bill. Clearbrief saves 7 of these hours of attorney time per week that can be repurposed for billable work: $252 x 7 x 52 = $91K annually. (Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report data indicates $252 is the average national attorney hourly rate.)